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There would hardly be an enterprise on the face of this planet that has not been affected by Covid-19. Of course, the extent of the impact is quite subjective and each enterprise has dealt with this crisis in its own unique manner.

However, as we have already kicked off a new year, enterprises are in the process of re-calibrating their IT strategies and infrastructures. This entire adjustment or tweaking phase is mainly a shift from ad-hoc measures to something more permanent.

This is a very crucial phase in the life cycle of thousands of enterprises. As they scramble towards consolidation and recovery, the level of re-alignment will determine the future course of action for both human as well as valuable financial resources.

Organizations that get this step right are highly likely to enjoy a competitive edge over others that still want to remain at the mercy of whatever comes next. So, let’s help you decide where to start off this process and how to go about it.

Well, the first thing that needs to be done is evaluation of your pandemic response. Which organizational processes or infrastructures did you alter during these disruptive times to sustain mission critical processes and how did they turn out.

Once you have this part sorted, you then need to evaluate whether to incorporate those pandemic related re-alignments into your core strategy on a mid to long term basis. This step will act as more of a “filtering” phase and help you draw a clearer picture.

When you have concluded which pre or post pandemic strategies and changes to retain or abandon, what you’ll be left with is a much vivid image of the “road to recovery” ahead. Now begins the actual task of re-aligning your IT infrastructure and other resources.

Lastly, let’s not forget the importance of intra organizational communication in all this process. After all, your employees are a key stakeholder in this transition and the ultimate success of any such re-calibration will depend on your human resources as well.

Once you have re-aligned your strategic IT goals and milestones, defined them, implemented and effectively communicated them, you would be all set for a smooth transition into the post pandemic business environment.

In any business decision, whether it relates to the IT or any other key functional area, there is bound to be some uncertainty. By following the above roadmap however, you would be able to pull off this whole IT re-alignment in a much smoother and fruitful manner.

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