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 We are among the lucky ones who find themselves in the age of technology. The world around us actually changed with the industrial revolution, which became possible mainly due to the hard work and perseverance of our skilled labor.

Back in the day, the working conditions for our labor force were far from good. Still, our dedicated, patriotic and hardworking labor force overcame all odds. Their efforts laid the foundation of making us one of the greatest nations on the face of this planet.

This is a day to reflect back on the unwavering commitment of our forefathers towards their country. Hats off to those brave laborers who incurred permanent damage to their health while working in some of the most punishing conditions known to man.

The sweat and blood of our dynamic labor force is what makes us who we are today. While we cherish these moments with our loved ones, let’s also pay homage to every member of the labor force, as a token of our appreciation.

Each one of us owes it to the labor force that we treat them with utmost dignity and respect. Regardless of our position in the society, we should make all efforts possible to further improve working conditions for our labor force.

In our celebrations, let us also not let our guard down when it comes to practicing Social Distancing as much as possible. This will play a major role in keeping the infection levels from Covid-19 under check.

Team dinCloud wishes You All a Very Happy Labor Day!

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