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Across USA, the third Monday of each February is celebrated as the President’s Day. What started off exclusively as Washington’s Birthday, in memory of the first US president George Washington, has now acquired a much wider connotation.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” ― Abraham Lincoln

The President’s Day is all about honoring the life long struggle, sacrifice and leadership of former US presidents. Without a pragmatic leader in the form of the president, a nation can never perform to its true potential.

A president of America is indeed similar to the nation’s father, one who confronts all challenges head-on and in the best interests of US citizens. We may not agree with their decision at times, but their sincerity for this great country is unwavering.

The powerful America we see today owes a lot to its brilliant and visionary former presidents. On the eve of each President’s Day, let’s also acknowledge the immense personal sacrifices of former presidents and their families too.

Becoming a US President is often a life long struggle, one that is filled with overcoming the most adverse odds. This is a day to reflect on the sacrifices of former US presidents and draw valuable life lessons from their unflinching struggles.

Let’s not forget that this President’s Day is being celebrated under extra ordinary circumstances. During our entire activities on this historic day, we must always exercise social distancing and all other precautions.

The former US presidents are a star studded galaxy and by studying their lives, we can have great role models. Let’s also pray that Americans remain blessed with many more presidents that are honest, competent and worthy of leading this great nation.

Team dinCloud Wishes YOU ALL a Happy and Safe President’s Day!

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