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Every great leader has certain traits and qualities that set that person apart from the others. On President’s Day each year, we don’t pay tribute to just any leader, but the leader of the United States of America, the country’s President.

Being one of the most powerful countries on the face of this planet in terms of technology, military and economy, the office of the US President shoulders a huge responsibility. Then, there is the immense diversity and inclusivity that is unique to America.

Over the past many decades, every US President has played an instrumental role in steering the country towards better times. Being the president of such a powerful country, these extraordinary leaders command the respect of all the countries across the globe.

Let us also not forget that most US Presidents have earned and deserved this esteemed position, on the basis of sheer hard work and perseverance. The vibrant democratic process of America further polishes and hones the leadership qualities of these individuals.

A great leader is not just concerned about the wellbeing and progress of one country, but the entire world as a whole. This demands extraordinary leadership qualities which enable US Presidents to safeguard the interests of not just USA, but the world as a whole.

The overwhelming majority of US Presidents till date have been an excellent example of personal and financial integrity too. Their great orator ship skills were backed up by the golden principle of leading by personal example.

On this President’s Day, the entire team of dinCloud, an ATSG company, pays rich tributes to the multi faceted leadership qualities of all the US Presidents in history.

Happy President’s Day!

… and Stay Safe please.

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