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Cloud Computing solutions and services have witnessed skyrocketing adoption rates, consistently for the past two plus years. The onset of the global pandemic only had a catalytic effect on an already steadily growing demand for the Cloud.

However, Government organizations, whether at the Federal or State level, had adopted a much more cautious and measured approach towards Cloud solutions. This was due to two primary reasons.

Firstly, most governmental organizations had never perceived Cloud adoption at such a rapid and mass scale across their infrastructures. Secondly, the extremely hostile cyber security environment, especially after the pandemic, only added to the woes of government sector organizations adopting the Cloud.

This perception of adopting a cautious approach became even stronger, when government organizations became one of the most commonly targeted entities by cyber miscreants. However, Cloud security has “stood the test of time” by now, and proved its mettle against a wide range of threat vectors.

Now, government organizations are feeling much more comfortable with moving their sensitive data, workloads, applications and processes to the Cloud. Top most priority is being awarded to governmental organization’s workloads with a direct interface with the general public in some way.

After achieving this goal, and to good measure, Government institutions are contemplating the possibilities of leveraging yet another emerging digital technology 5G. Well, 5G is less of a new technology, and more of a much faster, “data hungry” and high performance version of the information and communication technologies currently in vogue.

Due to the capabilities of 5G technology to transmit data at phenomenally higher rates than the current ones, Government institutions are seriously considering using 5G technologies for some of the time sensitive workloads and processes, in conjunction with Cloud infrastructures.

When it comes to storage and processing related heavy lifting, Cloud Computing architectures will still remain equally relevant in the overall equation. However, government organizations, whether at the Federal or State level, will find themselves in a much better situation to serve the diverse needs of their citizens.

Following in the footsteps of commercial organizations, Government institutions are also gearing up to leverage the synergetic equation that exists between Cloud Computing and 5G technologies. This combination, once applied to good effect, will not only address latency issues, but will also drastically improve “citizen experiences”, as and when they have any interface with Government organizations and / or processes.

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