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During the past months, we have seen a massive evolution in enterprise processes. We have witnessed an increasing trend towards the adoption of Cloud solutions. As enterprise data and processes move to the cloud, other key operations have to follow suit.

According to a recent study by Galvanize, which is a company that specializes in software solutions related to audit, compliance, security and risk management, 41% of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) professionals are turning to cloud solutions.

This marks a notable increase in the ratio of GRC professionals that are relying upon cloud based tools for their sensitive operations. Given the rapid adoption of cloud solutions as a direct response to the pandemic, this trend observed in the domain of GRC is but logical.

When all the critical enterprise workloads are moving to the Cloud, it makes a lot of sense to move GRC operations to the cloud as well. You not only achieve a uniform ecosystem with this, but also gain a far better visibility into existing systems, post cloud migration.

79% of the surveyed Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) professionals said it was challenging for them to gain access to the data they needed the most to carry out their assigned GRC roles before migrating the GRC operations to the Cloud as well.

Nearly 63% of the GRC professionals surveyed by Galvanize said that after moving GRC ops to the Cloud, alongside other enterprise workloads, they had a much better visibility into the whole environment and any imminent security risks or exploitable gaps.

After a rapid move to the cloud during the pandemic, the role of GRC professionals has been thrust into the limelight. This is mainly due to two factors. Firstly, enterprises are particularly conscious of plugging any post pandemic security vulnerabilities.

Secondly, the ever increasing regulation and the true business cost of data breaches or cyber attacks is becoming a cause of worry for IT leaders. The move of GRC operations to the Cloud, in tandem with enterprise processes, is surely a step in the right direction.

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