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The trend of Cloud Computing is generally on the rise globally. However, the distinction between relatively saturated and new potential markets is becoming clear.

Google, being one of the world’s largest tech giants, in always on the lookout for new prospective markets. Recently, Latin America has been getting a lot of attention from the giant.

This focus can be attributed to a number of factors among which some of the most notable are development, population and growth potential.

Latin American region has generally lagged behind in terms of development, owing to many reasons. Now, the situation has improved a lot and the region is developing at a rapid pace.

Population density in this region is relatively high. Both these factors present great opportunity for businesses in general and Cloud Service Providers in particular.

With development, there is a general trend of modernization. Cloud Computing is a great avenue for Expanding Businesses to improve efficiency.

Realizing this potential, Google has decided to increase its existing cloud computing workforce by three times. Although the capital expenditures behind this force remain undisclosed, one can easily infer that this hike in workforce is meant to support the expanding cloud infrastructure.

To give our readers a better perspective, let’s discuss a huge success story in the Latin American region which is Brazil. It has experienced a whopping 300% hike in demand for cloud solutions.

Retail sector, being very dynamic and efficiency driven, is the major driving force behind this strong demand. Despite this exponential increase in the demand for Cloud Computing, it is estimated that only 20% of the companies across Brazil employ cloud solutions.

There is tremendous room for market penetration and growth. We can conclude that once giants like Google smell a ripe opportunity, they would not hesitate to install Cloud Infrastructure worth billions of dollars.

It is said that fortune favors the brave and this can’t be truer for the fiercely competitive cloud services market. It is but natural that other key players in the cloud like Amazon and Microsoft will also gear up to join the party.

This also presents an opportunity for relatively smaller cloud providers who can woo customers by offering a much competitive price and superior customer service experience.

Official News Source: Reuters

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