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Google’s Titan Security Key is now available in Japan, U.K, France, and Canada. These security keys are equipped with a Bluetooth Dongle and USB-A. Previously, it was only available in the U.S and now Google is expanding its availability in multiple countries.


Image Source: Google Store

What is the purpose of Google Titan Security Key?

The security key is a physical security solution that enables the Two-Factor authentication through hardware, and after which you can log on to multiple apps and browsers, the applications will use the key for your verification. The new Google Security Key is the solution for your physical Security.

The TITAN will connect you through a device, and will require authorization in three ways, USB, NFC or Bluetooth.

Purpose of Google Titan Security Key

The Google’s Titan two-factor authorization security key was basically designed for the company’s internal use, but since last July, it has been made commercial in the U.S. since last July, 2018.

Price Range of Google Security Key in Some Major Countries (H2)

In United States, the Price of Google security key is $50. In the other regions like Canada, it will cost around 65 CAD (69), in Japan for ¥6000 ($56), in France €55 ($61), and in UK, it will cost around £50. The key will be provided with Free Shipping.

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