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Some reports have recently suggested that Google is working on yet another messaging platform. Although no official confirmation exists to substantiate these claims, indications are pointing in this direction.

First and foremost, many messaging apps and software released by Google have failed to connect with a broad audience. Some of these underdogs include Hangouts, Allo, Duo, Chat, Messages, Hangouts Meet and Google Voice.

This by no means implies that these platforms weren’t any good, rather the competition was doing way better than what these Google platforms had to offer.

On the consumer front, take the example of What’s App that has transformed the way we interact with our smartphones. Just imagine a platform that handles the sharing of virtually anything over the internet.

So, what’s different about this work in progress that should make us feel excited. First, this messaging app in the works is expected to consolidate Google’s many existing solutions into a cohesive suite.

The consolidated messaging platform is expected to combine the functionality of Hangouts Meet, Hangouts Chat, Gmail and Drive in a highly potent messaging application.

Given the purported broad functionality of this application that is in the making, we can safely presume that its main target audience is enterprise customers.

Even otherwise, when a vast tech company like Google goes for developing an enterprise centric solution, its likely target audience is none other than the Fortune 500 or even 100 companies.

On the enterprise front, this messaging app by Google will be up against the likes of Microsoft Teams and Slack that have cemented their position in the domain of enterprise messaging.

Google expects that due to the wide range of functionality that includes management of teams, video conferences, emails and document sharing, the new enterprise communication app will be able to woo corporate customers.

One more compelling factor behind the anticipated success of this platform is ease of management. If all the above functions can be consolidated into a single platform, it would become a very attractive proposition by Google.

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