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For the first time ever in history, a difficult task has been performed by a Quantum Computer which otherwise would be quite impossible to perform for a traditional super computer. Google has just announced that its 53-bit quantum computer, Sycamore performed a calculation in 200 seconds which would have taken more than 10,000 years to crack by the World’s top supercomputer.

Google claimed to have accomplished this level which was point of discussion by most of its competitors back in September. Now they have lifted the veil of the secret by publishing the research in the form of a journal and blog. This news is being linked with the Wright Brothers’ first flight as a “big breakthrough” of the new leader in quantum computing managed by AI division of the company, Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

However, defying that Sycamore has no practical applications up till now, but it will be embarked as a potential revolutionary technology. The task which was given to the quantum computer for the calculation had no practical use, but it certainly implied a futuristic approach to what Quantum computing can do!

“It is likely that the classical simulation time, currently estimated at 10,000 years, will be reduced by improved classical hardware and algorithms,” Brooks Foxen, a graduate student researcher in Martini, but since we are currently 1.5 trillion times faster, we feel comfortable laying claim to this achievement,” he added, referring to the supremacy of quantum computers.”

Companies like Google, Intel, Microsoft, and IBM are all vying for quantum supremacy, and at-least for now, Google has taken a lead in the race.

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