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Microsoft is one of the largest players in the Cloud Computing industry. Its service is called Microsoft Azure, which is an all-encompassing package of cloud solutions. There are no two opinions on Microsoft Windows as an efficient operating system.

However, most Windows users are so accustomed to its suite of productivity software that both Windows and Office are used interchangeably. Only upon deeper thought do we realize that Windows and Office are two indigenous products of tech giant Microsoft.

The cloud service offered by Microsoft is called Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). It allows you to run a Windows based virtualized desktop hosted on the cloud. As application virtualization is also built into this solution, the user can avail Microsoft’s suite of productivity software packaged as Office 365.

Previously, the Office 365 was offered against an additional fee. In order to better compete with other market offerings, Windows Virtual Desktop now comes available with Office 365 ProPlus.

Advantages of WVD with Office 365

Some of the key advantages of this package are listed below:-

  • User does not need to buy multiple licenses
  • Any additional hardware costs are not transferred to user
  • You can instantly scale the WVD as per requirement

Compelling Features of WVD

  • Office 365 ProPlus is built into the cost of WVD
  • Multi session availability of Windows 10
  • Office 365 ProPlus can also be used for multi user virtual scenarios

Additional Feature of WVD

To retain users still hooked to the Windows 7 platform, extended security updates will be provided free of charge. In addition, the support for Windows 7 Virtual Desktops has been extended till the January of 2023.

Status of Partner Arrangements

  • Citrix can offer WVD for up to three years
  • VMware Horizon Cloud will extend WVD
  • OEMs and Hardware System Integrators may offer customized DaaS solutions

Today’s Cloud Service Providers are constantly improving their existing offerings in terms of both pricing and features. Microsoft is no exception to this rule and the addition of Office 365 ProPlus to the Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) offering is welcome news for the users of the Windows 10 platform.

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