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The concept of Managed Mobility Services (MMS) is not new by any means. However, the domain has come in the spotlight more recently as we have entered the era of high end mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Modern mobile devices pack more processing punch than even full blown laptop computers and this was never the intended purpose when the first cellular phone rolled out. Presently, we use our smartphones less for calling and more for other tasks.

Keeping in view this rising trend, the usage of Managed Mobility Services (MMS) is rising at a very rapid pace. This is also due to the rapid digitization of business processes across sectors such as finance, banking, insurance, utilities and more.

As these sectors integrate their services into mobile native applications, the need for outsourcing the management of these services rises more than ever. This is mainly because businesses that want to deliver their services over mobile devices lack the expertise.

It is not a matter of whether businesses themselves have the capability to accomplish this in house or not. It is more a matter of plain efficiency that once specialized MMS providers are available, why invest the time and resources in developing a solution from scratch.

Leading Tech research firm Gartner Anticipates the Trend of MMS to increase further in the near future as more and more businesses integrate their services into mobile devices. MMS has unleashed unprecedented ease and agility for the end user as well.

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