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Cloud Computing has, and is still playing a leading role in the global recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. Cloud solutions have offered a broad spectrum of continuity and responsiveness to businesses across the globe.

Forrester, a reputed name in the tech industry, recently released its outlook for the cloud computing industry in the year 2021. The report, titled “Forrester Now Predictions 2021: Cloud Computing”, paints strong growth in the demand and revenues for cloud solutions.

According to Forrester’s estimates, it is expected that nearly 60% of companies will be using the public cloud for their workloads by the end of 2021. This will result in a massive demand for cloud solutions offered by Cloud Service Providers like dinCloud.

Cloud platforms are also expected to be equally in demand for development projects. Forrester’s report anticipates that by the end of 2021, nearly 25% of developers will be leveraging serverless development environments due to their costs and flexibility.

However, this rapid adoption of cloud solutions is also expected to attract a fair share of regulatory and compliance related challenges. These stricter standards will affect both Cloud Service Providers (CSP) and cloud users alike.

CSPs are likely to be mandated for acquiring independent certifications for their data centers. Due to stringent compliance standards, regulators will have much more say about whether a cloud provider is eligible to manage data of sensitive nature or otherwise.

Another dimension of this enhanced regulation will be centered around companies and businesses relying on the public cloud. It is expected that businesses would have to prefer Public Cloud Providers like dinCloud, who comply with security and privacy standards.

Throughout the year 2021, cloud solutions such as dinHVD will continue to spearhead remote work or Work from Home (WFH) initiatives across the globe. The public cloud has played a leading role in maintaining core operations remotely over the cloud.

Forrester’s report also anticipates strong cloud adoption for Disaster Recovery (DR). The inefficacy of traditional, on premise DR systems was blatantly exposed during the ongoing pandemic. For this reason, the cloud’s demand for DR will also soar during 2021.

Towards the end, the report urges businesses across the globe to accelerate their adoption of cloud solutions, such as the ones offered by dinCloud. In the present environment, no transition can prove fruitful if it does not leverage the cloud one way or the other.

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