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dinCloud’s CMO was featured in Rescue a CEO on tips for social media success.

dinCloud’s CMO, Ali Din, lends his insight on how to improve social media channels. He is quoted saying that, “in the world of B2B, marketing via social media is a very time consuming activity, and sometimes hard to measure the ROI. The key is analytics and tracking measures. There are numerous sites that help do this including Google Analytics. Only if you have these in place, can you measure the effectiveness of your efforts. For us, Facebook is not very beneficial since we are seeking to engage other businesses. LinkedIn on the other hand is a good source of traffic to our site. Social media will only help you get traffic. The rest lies on your ability to convert visitors to inquiries via online forms, online chat, or a phone call.”

To learn more tips on how to build a successful social media strategy, read the full article online, or request information.

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