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Clarksville, TN – Oct 23, 2020 – dinCloud, a leader in Virtual Workspaces and Cloud Services is pleased to announce Work From Home Solutions. Work from Home (WFH) is becoming a permanent reality across the globe. To ensure business continuity (BC) amidst prolonged crises such as Covid-19, you need a sound preparedness for remote work.

Being one of the best Cloud Service Providers (CSP), dinCloud has always lead from the front when it comes to innovative cloud solutions. When the need for secure, reliable and cost efficient remote work solutions was felt, dinCloud was there to deliver.

At dinCloud, you get a holistic framework to support all the remote work needs of your enterprise. We offer fully virtualized Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD), dedicated Virtual Servers and Virtual Database solutions.

When put together, you have a remote work platform that is fully equipped to meet all your Work from Home needs. Our dinHVD is a fully virtualized Windows 10 desktop PC, which your employees can access from anywhere using a device of their choice.

To enhance the productivity of remote employees, you can seamlessly integrate software and apps with dinHVDs. Our cloud hosted virtual severs offer blazing fast access to enterprise data whenever, wherever and however your remote employees need it.

As employees working from home access data using their personal devices and insecure networks, security gets severely compromised. The great aspect of dinCloud’s WFH solutions is that no data will be stored over employee devices.

dinHVDs are offered with a multitude of customizable specs, which you can choose depending on the nature of your workloads. We offer high spec HVDs for remote workers that need to execute processing intensive tasks such as graphics or architectural apps.

A cost effective Work from Home solution is equally important, but one that does not compromise on productivity. dinCloud’s WFH solutions provide exceptional performance and are offered at a flat rate monthly subscription mode, thus reducing costs.

To align your business with the present and future needs, a robust WFH platform is indispensable. dinCloud’s Work from Home solutions offer unrivaled flexibility, performance and reliability to your remote workforce.

About dinCloud

dinCloud offers digital transformation services to organizations through its cloud platform. Each customer’s hosted private cloud offers Hosted Workspaces and Cloud Infrastructure that the customer controls. Services are available through dinCloud’s network of Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Organizations interested in business process outsourcing (BPO) can leverage Premier BPO to extend services from IT to other back office and front office functions as well.

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