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A notable Cloud Service Provider (CSP), Nutanix has started offering free trial of its cloud hosted virtual desktop solution. A formidable replacement for traditional desktops and laptops, cloud hosted virtual desktops are gaining a lot of traction lately.

The virtual desktops are quite similar to your everyday desktop or laptop, with the key difference that your operating system, data and applications exist in the data center of a third party CSP, readily available for you to access via the internet.

A great feature of cloud hosted Virtual Desktops (VD) is that you can access your work and data from any location where there is internet connectivity. The other big advantage of VDs is that you can access them over multiple devices such as smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The work that you perform over the VD is also saved in the data center of the CSP. In addition to these plus points that are centered towards the end user, there are many other benefits that the VD deploying entity can enjoy.

One major advantage is that you can instantly increase or decrease the number of VDs that you provisioned from the CSP, which is called scalability. Then, you are billed by the CSP on the “pay as you use” model, making your cloud bill fairly predictable.

Lastly, you don’t need to provision any additional hardware on premise to increase the scale of your VDs. dinCloud, a premier Cloud Service Provider is an esteemed partner of Nutanix and employs its state of the art hardware for its cloud solutions.

Your VDs and data are secured using a multi faceted approach to cyber security. Some key security features include virtual firewalls, user authentication, encryption, malware protection and on top of all, physical protection of data centers.

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