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Data and cybersecurity have always remained one of the top priorities at dinCloud. We are fully aware of the trust our valued cloud users place in our security protocols. In yet another move towards a secure cloud environment, dinCloud has introduced SSL VPN.

What is SSL VPN?

SSL VPN is a security feature that uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol to establish a secure remote access gateway over a web browser. The TLS protocol is an improved version of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol.

How SSL VPN Enhances Security?

An SSL VPN relies on end to end encryption (E2EE) to protect all the data transmitted between a user’s end point or login device and dinCloud’s infrastructure. SSL VPN is particularly effective when a user is connecting remotely outside the company’s network.

What Does SSL VPN Do?

SSL VPN tremendously improves the security of dinCloud’s solutions by encrypting all network traffic over the internet. By doing so, even if there is any data breach, such data is in fully encrypted or coded state and of no use to the perpetrator of the attack.

How Can dinCloud Users Avail SSL VPN?

The SSL VPN solution has been fully integrated into dinManage, which is dinCloud’s in-house cloud management portal. The SSL VPN option is available under the “My Security” tab of dinManage dashboard.

dinManage users with Admin rights will have the additional option of enabling SSL VPN for other users. Each time a user with Admin rights will try to enable SSL VPN for another user, dinManage will require “User Name” and “Password” to authenticate this operation.

What are the Charges for SSL VPN?

dinCloud always aims to deliver the most secure and exceptional cloud services at industry leading prices. SSL VPN functionality is no exception as we will be charging only $1 per user per month for this superb security feature.

How will SSL VPN be Billed?

To facilitate the valued users of dinCloud, we have integrated the billing for SSL VPN with your existing cloud services bill.

A user who is currently availing SSL VPN but wants to discontinue the feature will be able to do so by simply removing this feature from the “My Security” menu of dinManage.


SSL VPN is yet another great addition to the already secure and robust cloud hosted services being offered by dinCloud. This feature will go a long way in securing our cloud based solutions at the end point level.

Feel free to Contact Us for any further queries or clarifications you may have about SSL VPN or any other feature offered by dinCloud.

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