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Information Systems Security recently featured an interview with dinCloud chief security officer Garret Grajek, who explained how managed services could have helped some of the most notable security hacks last year, including eBay, JPMorgan, Target and more. With many high-profile security attacks in 2014, Grajek pointed out how each one could have been avoided with the latest cloud technology and why they is no reason to fear the cloud with today’s technology.

Grajek went on to say, “new technologies are enabling enterprises to respond in a proactive way. For example, the most popular IP-reputation based technologies gather worldwide ISP information from known “problem sites” and then proactively warn enterprises when network traffic is emanated from one of the sites. This being said, modern data centers, especially the cloud, should have logging and event correlation technologies and practices that help them identify accesses and intrusions.”

Read more articles and commentary from Grajek on our blog, and visit Information Systems Security to read the full interview.

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