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In the past two years or so, things have been very busy on the technology front. We have not only seen the emergence of new technologies during this time span, but also witnessed an unprecedented growth in some existing technologies such as Cloud Computing.

Deloitte is a multi-national company that offers professional services to a wide range of industries. Recently, the company released a new technology trends report that lists down some notable emerging technologies for the year 2022.

The primary target audience of this report are governments, and other state managed institutions. Many governments in general, and healthcare institutions in particular, remained on the radars of cyber miscreants looking out for any vulnerabilities.

Let us briefly discuss these new technology trends for the year 2022, as perceived by Deloitte.

As per Deloitte, data sharing will no longer be as simple and convenient as today. This is mainly due to emerging regulatory needs, and the reluctance of end users to share accurate data, one that can be of real business value.

Instead, the company expects a rise in the use of synthetic data, which is created on the basis of existing data by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI). We will see even more organizational processes and workloads make their way to cloud infrastructures.

Going into 2022, Deloitte expects that governments and businesses alike will continue to leverage cloud technologies as well as infrastructures for a wide range of workloads. We should also see a major spike in automation of organizational processes.

Enterprises are realizing this with every passing day that a lot of the “productive” time is used up by repetitive processes, ones that can be managed via automation instead. Therefore, the company expects automation to gain further traction in the year 2022.

When we talk about automation initiatives, they are heavily reliant on technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI). Deloitte expects AI to remain a major technology trend for the upcoming year as well.

AI powered tools and solutions will be playing an instrumental role in automation, and other organizational functions such as cyber security. AI will go a long way in protecting enterprise networks from cyber attacks by providing contextually aware security.

Smart devices, which will ultimately lead up to the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution, will continue to remain a big thing for the year 2022. With advanced communication technologies like 5G catching up fast, we are inching towards an IoT powered world.

An IoT powered world will be characterized by smart devices all around us, which will be generating and processing data, all at the same time. IoT will make way for smart, automation driven homes, buildings and other mega structures.

The world is likely to pivot even more towards data driven processes and decisions. Amidst the various technology trends and initiatives we have covered in this post, cyber security will continue to remain a major area of concern for organizations.

What is required is security tools and mechanisms that are not only based on well defined rules or parameters, but also incorporate true, real-time contextual awareness. This will entail a preventive approach towards cyber threats, rather than reacting to them.

One thing is for sure though, the upcoming year 2022 will be jam-packed with even more exciting new technologies, and interesting iterations of existing technologies. So, keep your eyes peeled, as there will be a lot happening in tech throughout the next year.

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