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Ever since 2021 has kicked off, technology experts and analysts have started rolling out their outlook for this year. It is widely believed that this will be yet another eventful year for the tech sector in general and Cloud Computing in particular.

Enterprises across the globe will be in the process of re-designing and consolidating their technologies that support processes as well as workloads. A recent study on the DaaS market was recently published by Orbis Research.

The research company has forecast a strong growth rate for the DaaS market during this year. The study points out two key factors that are likely to drive the global demand for DaaS solutions, such as dinHVD.

First factor in line comes as little surprise, and that is the massive trend of remote work or work from home (WHF) that is currently in vogue. With uncertainty still looming and organizations realizing the advantages of remote work, it appears its here to stay.

In order to provide reliable, secure and agile WFH platforms, the research predicts more and more enterprises will flock towards DaaS. During the peak of the pandemic and even now, DaaS has proved invaluable in terms of both productivity and security.

The other key factor that is expected to drive the demand for DaaS solutions globally is accelerated digitalization. With the onset of Covid-19, companies that were contemplating or in the process of digitization had to put their foot on the paddle quite hard.

In a bid to initiate and accomplish a fast paced digital transformation, DaaS emerged as a very potent cloud technology. The inherent capability of DaaS solutions to integrate the industry’s leading applications and productivity software just adds to its value.

Towards the end, the research points out a key challenge organizations will have to overcome, and that is a change in organizational culture. As the workforce acclimatizes itself to a full-on and maybe perpetual WFH scenario, we will need a cultural change.

Lastly, there will be an increasing need for cloud powered collaboration platforms where remotely working teams shall be able to coordinate various projects or tasks. The conclusion is that 2021 is likely to be yet another great year for DaaS.

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