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The IT Operations and Management space is evolving at a very rapid pace. Things are moving so fast that at times, it becomes difficult to even keep track of what’s happening. Well, research giant Gartner has made things simpler for us all.

In a recently published e-book, Gartner has listed two of the most pronounced challenges that IT decision makers will have to confront within this year, 2021. These two include cyber security and workload automation.

The hybrid workforce model has further added to the already complex situation created by the global pandemic. Remote and hybrid work scenarios have considerably enhanced the overall threat surface, especially when home and public networks are also in use.

Another major challenge for IT infrastructure managers during 2021 will be automation of workloads as well as cyber security controls. Automation is vital for successful IT operations in 2021 and going forward, as it reduces the human interface with processes.

The automation of cyber security controls and protocols will be instrumental in preventing, detecting and mitigating the impact of modern day cyber threats. For the best impact, this automation should also encompass threat management and response.

By the time a cyber threat is reported to a human cyber security analyst for analysis and action, it might be too late. So, it is imperative that automation driven cyber security controls be put in place that are responding to threats in real time.

The year 2021 will be a very crucial one for businesses, as they try to claw their way back out of a crippling pandemic. However, this situation does not allow any slackness when it comes to the planning and execution of IT operations and cyber security controls.

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