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As the novel Corona virus pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the globe, there appears to be one industry that is finding it difficult to cope with the skyrocketing demand; and the answer is certainly not the healthcare sector.

We are talking of the Cloud Computing industry whose entire landscape has been transformed over the past few weeks. With the number of infected cases showing no signs of slowing down, the world is further strengthening the scale and nature of lockdowns.

Resultantly, there are millions of professionals and business people out there who are desperately in need of a remote solution that can keep them up and running to the least extent possible. The cloud, by its very nature, is highly conducive to such a need.

The demand for cloud powered services and solutions has gone through the roof and even some of the largest Cloud Service Providers (CSP) have started rigorously testing their existing infrastructure for its capacity and resilience to handle this demand.

An additional challenge to CSPs in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis is a total inability to procure or commission any additional hardware due to massive lockdowns and a severely disrupted supply chain.

Until now, the story has been “so far, so good” for both the big and small Cloud Service Providers in terms of meeting this unprecedented demand. Going forward however, only those small to medium CSPs will shine that took timely initiatives for this situation.

So far as the big cloud players that include dinCloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are concerned, their vast infrastructure already in place has come to very good use amidst this abnormal spike in the demand for cloud powered solutions.

dinCloud, a rapidly emerging Cloud Service Provider (CSP) was also among those who were both well equipped and prepared to deal with this surge in demand. Owing to these factors, many prospective cloud users are quickly turning to dinCloud’s services and solutions.

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