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Clarksville, TN – Sep 1, 2020 – dinCloud, a leader in Virtual Workspaces and Cloud Services is pleased to announce that Conflux, its automation tool for effective management of Citrix deployments, will now support Citrix deployments on Microsoft Azure as well. This marks the achievement of yet another milestone in dinCloud’s commitment to constant innovation in cloud computing technologies.

The former version of Conflux application exclusively be used to manage Citrix environments that were deployed on dinManage, which is dinCloud’s in-house cloud orchestration platform. The inclusion of Azure, which is among the three largest cloud providers globally, into the Conflux fold will unleash a whole new era of expansion for dinCloud.

Many public cloud providers rely on Citrix for deploying virtual desktops and applications. However, setting up and managing Citrix environments is a tedious and complex task that demands advanced IT and cloud engineering skills. With Conflux, that is no more the case because this capable tool simplifies and automates the Citrix processes which are inherently quite strenuous to manage for a layman.

Regardless of whether you are deploying a new Citrix environment or integrating an existing environment in your cloud solution, Conflux can effectively manage both cases and make the whole process a breeze. We have designed Conflux as a very intuitive and user-friendly web-based portal that walks you through every step of the deployment.

Microsoft Azure is the first notable public cloud provider to receive Conflux integration. In the near future, dinCloud plans to include other mainstream public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud into the fold. Cloud providers other than dinCloud will avail Conflux through “as a Service” model for their Citrix deployments.

“ The addition of Conflux to our suite of services is a leap forward in our efforts to ensure the best technological solutions for our valued clients. Whether they use our inhouse cloud or a third-party platform, Conflux is our unified answer to the difficulties of managing Citrix deployments. Conflux provides a streamlined approach ensuring ease of deployment, effective management and real time reporting. This ensures Conflux stands apart from its competition and empowers its users” Said Walid Elemary CTIO  dinCloud.

With Conflux at your disposal, you neither require advanced cloud management skills, nor do you need to worry about missing out any key process or performing it in the wrong chronological order. Conflux manages it all for you, while requiring minimal input from you. Conflux will give the user real time status of each Citrix deployment task along with helpful information in case any process does not get through.

Conflux support for Microsoft Azure is a milestone everyone at dinCloud feels very proud of. It would not have been possible without the persistence and resilience of dinCloud’s professionals. With your continued support and trust in our cloud services, we will continue to craft such ground breaking solutions in the times to come.

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