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The influence of cloud computing is increasing with every passing day. Whether its data, processes or applications, each one of these is finding its way to the cloud. The cloud, with its inherent flexibility and versatility, is a highly potent platform.

However, as with any ground breaking technology, there are often accompanying drawbacks. The cloud has always been an area of concern for industries and organizations that have to deal with sensitive data.

Previously, there were two major caveats to data residing over the cloud. Firstly, Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud could only keep data in encrypted form so long as it was not being accessed or processed.

During the processing phase, data over the cloud infrastructure had to be decrypted before the processing phase. Although cloud providers like dinCloud have a multi layer cyber security apparatus in place, this left data over the cloud susceptible to threats.

The second major issue when placing sensitive data over the cloud was that it was accessible to cloud providers for all intents and purposes. This raised concerns about data privacy, notwithstanding the fact that data was still safe in terms of security.

Say hello to “Confidential Computing”, a ground breaking technology that will take the privacy and security of cloud data to a whole new level. Confidential Computing or CC will solve two major issues, encryption of data in use and zero access to cloud providers.

Confidential Computing aims to maintain the encrypted form of data even while being processed, a feat previously considered impossible. The other great feature of CC will be that direct access to data will not be available even to cloud service providers.

While this is a new technology that’s gradually taking shape, it will transform the current data privacy and security landscape around cloud computing. With these concerns allayed once for all, cloud computing would attain unprecedented levels of adoption.

It is a need of the hour that leading cloud providers like dinCloud and others join forces in making this technology a true reality. Given the rising trend of hybrid and multi cloud environments, collaboration is the way forward.

Confidential Computing truly has all the potential to become a complete game changer for the privacy and security of data.

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