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When we analyze the consumer world in general, and the realm of cloud computing solutions in particular, we will quickly realize that the world is moving towards a consumption based pricing model for various products and services.

Many recent studies have proved that instead of indulging in mid to long term commitments, the modern day consumer is interested more in what is being offered at this very point in time, and what is being asked for the product or service in question.

Analysts in the field of IT have concluded that Cloud Computing solutions and services are taking the lead in promoting consumption based pricing models. It would be factually and contextually correct to say that the Cloud has changed how IT services were priced.

Due to this inherent benefit, cloud powered solutions like Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops, Servers and Databases are meeting with super fast adoption rates. In promoting this trend, leading Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud also deserve a lot of credit.

Some CSPs out there are resorting to pricing mechanisms that run contrary to the spirit of transparency. By introducing the elements of complex pricing and hidden costs, such cloud providers have in fact alienated potential cloud users from taking this leap.

After all, enterprises are rapidly migrating to the Cloud in the pursuit of agile, flexible and cost efficient IT resources, whether its storage, compute or processing etc. A complex pricing mechanism for cloud services is proving counter-productive.

Leading CSP dinCloud has gone a step further when it comes to transparent and predictable pricing of cloud solutions as well as services. dinCloud has pulled this off by offering a Flat Rate Pricing mechanism for its cloud services, with no hidden costs.

This in turn removes the element of uncertainty when it comes to cloud solutions. Such practices also put the enterprises that are prospecting for cloud solutions in a much better position to compare cloud costs, with those of maintaining on-premise infrastructures.

A majority of cloud industry analysts believe that Cloud Computing solutions will continue to play an instrumental role in proliferating consumption based pricing models, as compared to the resource and time intensive model of ownership.

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