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Over the past two decades, we have made a lot of progress in many walks of life. While all this progress has created a lot of ease and comfort in our lives, it has also been accompanied by a grave concern, which is the environment.

The great bit is that in the present day and age, we are seeing a constantly rising interest in preserving the environment for our future generations. Every individual and company on the face of this planet, big or small, will have to play their due part to attain this goal.

Here is some great news, the leading Cloud Service Providers (CSP) of the world have joined hands in playing their part in making the world “greener”. A notable development to this effect was introduction of “The Climate Pledge” by cloud provider Amazon.

Here is the most interesting part though, the world’s top Cloud Service Providers (CSP) have risen above the traditional business rivalry and vowed to take immediate initiatives towards a greener future.

While this paradigm shift will neither be quick or easy, it speaks volumes of the rising sensitization around the subject of our environment. For cloud providers, their data centers perhaps form the bulk part of carbon emissions.

Now, another huge player in the cloud segment, Microsoft has also signed Amazon’s “The Climate Pledge”. This takes the total tally of the signatories of this pledge to 31. Make no mistake, there are big names in this list and some of them are not directly into tech.

Although the exact modalities of this pledge are being worked upon, the overall aim is that Cloud Service Providers also reduce their carbon emissions by moving towards greener sources of energy.

The other aspect of this development is to utilize IT related hardware that’s largely made from recycled materials. The addition of notable cloud players like Microsoft into The Climate Pledge is indeed a huge step towards a greener future for coming generations.

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