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The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted a massive adoption of cloud services and solutions across the globe. For all intents and purposes, there are many organizations right now that have gone totally remote.

When we talk of a full on remote work scenario, we are not just talking of small to medium and relatively unknown enterprises, rather big names in the tech sector. As a result of mass scale cloud adoption, the overall threat surface has also increased manifold.

As more and more workloads move to the Cloud, cyber security has a lot of catching up to do. In most cloud environments, the level of complexity is relatively higher as compared to a small, dedicated network within a small organization.

To add to this mix, we are now witnessing more and more of hybrid, and even multi cloud environments. In this scenario, cloud security not only becomes all the more important, it also becomes more complex.

According to a recent study conducted on the state of the global cloud security market, very strong growth is expected. Leading security providers across the globe are re-designing their existing cyber security tools to conform to the needs of cloud providers.

The report emphasizes a holistic approach to cyber security more than ever. In addition to growing threats to cloud infrastructures, employee endpoint devices are yet another soft target that need to be included in the overall cloud security envelope.

Research report strongly urges cloud users to scrutinize the cyber security protocols and controls being offered by Cloud Service Providers (CSP). In this hostile cyber security environment, only the cloud providers with strong security credentials are viable.

Take the example of leading cloud provider dinCloud, which takes a holistic view of cyber security. For this reason, dinCloud’s security protocols extend beyond its cloud infrastructure, right down to the tier of employee’s endpoint devices.

In the end, the report has forecast a strong growth for cloud security providers between the years 2020 and 2026. It is expected that cloud security growth may outpace the overall growth of the cloud market.

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