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The gaming industry is at the verge of a paradigm shift, which is cloud gaming. Some of the world’s biggest cloud players are launching their stand alone game streaming platforms over their powerful cloud infrastructures.

With tech giants like the above stepping into the cloud based game streaming space, it appears this entire space is about to enter a whole new era. Over the next few months, we should see a major shift in trends around gaming.

It seems quite obvious that gamers across the globe will shift from a hardware based model to a cloud based game streaming model. This will entail subscription fees, as opposed to the old one time payment and ownership model.

Just imagine the gaming experience when the world’s top game development houses will launch their endeavors purely over cloud based platforms. The powerful infrastructures of Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud will take gaming to new heights.

Now, gamers will have access to some of the world’s best games, without having the need to purchase super expensive gaming PCs. We should also see a further spike in multi player games, where mostly humans are playing against each other.

This is yet another area where the cloud will deliver unrivaled gaming experiences. Gamers from across the globe will be able to converge over cloud streaming platforms and test their mettle in real time.

In the new cloud gaming era, enthusiasts will be able to enjoy multiple niches over a single cloud streaming platform. No more freeing up gigabytes of space on your PC to make room for the next highly anticipated game!

Cloud based game streaming will give you instant access to your favorite games, with no need of installing them ever. With 5G technology just around the corner, any issues related to latency will also be overcome soon.

Based on the recent developments, we can conclude that cloud gaming is the next major revolution in the cloud computing space. Both game developers and Cloud Service Providers will have to rise to the occasion and revolutionize this space.

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