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Over the past few years, Cloud Based Solutions have constantly been evolving to accommodate the ever increasing diverse needs of cloud tenants. The most recent shift in the cloud industry relates to databases.

There is an increasing trend among enterprises to migrate their databases over the cloud infrastructure. There are many underlying factors that are contributing to this shifting trend.

Firstly, organizations want to rid themselves of managing an elaborate in house database management hardware. It not only involves astronomical capital expenditure, rather the component of operational costs is also quite high.

On the other hand, Cloud Service Providers (CSP) are quickly realizing the potential revenue generation that can result from migration of databases to the cloud infrastructure.

The massive storage capacity offered by quality CSPs, coupled with database manipulation capabilities are acting as compelling reasons for migrating databases to the cloud.

It is estimated that by the year 2021, nearly 50% of enterprise database management workloads will migrate to the cloud. By year 2023, the same ratio is expected to expand further to a whopping 75%.

This presents a huge opportunity for CSPs and deploying entities alike. As the cloud industry shows initial signs of saturation in the domain of virtualized workloads, cloud native database management opens up a new window.

Enterprises prospecting for Database Management as a Service (DMaaS) solutions over the cloud not only visualize their cost related benefits, but also on the operations side.

A well designed cloud native database management solution will be highly efficient and stable as it runs over a super fast infrastructure, which is fully managed by the Cloud Service Provider.

Lastly, a major advantage of cloud native database management architecture is the instant scalability and geographical flexibility that is mainly attributable to the cloud.

With this, organizations can not only tap human capital from anywhere across the globe, but the same capability equally extends to prospective customers.

It is high time that organizations with expanding and evolving databases adopt a proactive approach and start prospecting for the most suitable cloud based database management solution.

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