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We are nearing the time when the first case of Covid-19 was reported last year. Since then, nothing is the same and nearly a year down the road, we are still unable to fully quantify the true socio economic impact of Covid-19.

This global pandemic has completely transformed productivity environments. Millions of organizations across the globe have made themselves remote ready over the past few months. Have we wondered which technologies are powering this global transition?

Well, the lion’s share of this global transition goes to none other than cloud computing services. A closely related tech sector is data center services, as both work in unison to deliver the expected outcomes and performance.

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been an increase of nearly 650-700% in the demand for cloud services, such as the ones being offered by dinCloud. To put things into perspective, we consider any growth figure north of 50% to be outstanding.

While this growth figure may seem hard to digest at first glance, it is well reflective of the global shift in work trends. We are gradually moving towards a permanent “work from home” model where cloud services and data centers will do most of the heavy lifting.

To meet this staggering demand for cloud based services and solutions, Cloud Service Providers (CSP) have had to invest heavily in enhancing their data center capacities as well as beefing up their cyber security measures.

Many leading tech companies across the globe have officially confirmed a perpetual working from home policy, even after this pandemic is over. An even larger number of companies globally have laid down plans for making WFH a permanent feature.

This comes as welcome news for both Cloud Service Providers (CSP) and cloud users alike. In the form of cloud, businesses have access to instantly scalable and highly secure productivity environments.

With a strong growth in the number of cloud users, CSPs on the other hand will now have even more resources to enhance their data center capacities and improve their cyber security postures.

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