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With yet another eventful year drawing towards a close, top business and IT decision makers have joined heads to zero in on the best IT infrastructure that will support agility, growth and flexibility.

A recent study conducted by Rackspace Technology found that cloud adoption rates will continue to maintain their strong momentum in the year 2022 as well. These findings are based on the views of over fourteen hundred IT executives.

Of the 1,400 total respondents, the majority 51% already had their infrastructures hosted over the Cloud. The remaining 49% executives were also in the planning phase of moving as many processes and workloads over to the Cloud as possible.

More than 65% of the respondents were already using the Cloud for compute related workloads, given the scalability and flexibility of cloud solutions in general. The survey also found colocation and managed hosting services a popular choice among enterprises.

Right now, the spending on public cloud services is accounting for nearly 40% of the total budgets allocated to IT, which is huge. Due to better in-house control, the spending on private cloud services is making up nearly 30% of the total IT budgets in some cases.

Due to speedy transition and deployment of enterprise applications in the Cloud, 84% of the surveyed enterprises were opting for containerization. Another 65% of the respondents said they would prefer to use containerized applications over the next two years.

The survey also noted the rising influence of top IT executives in enterprises, when it comes to strategic decision making and the overall direction of the enterprise. The current circumstances have removed the silo oriented approach of various functional areas.

When it comes to achieving business goals in today’s super competitive and challenging environment, most functional areas of various organizations are turning towards IT to provide them with flexible technologies like Cloud Computing.

All the above factors combined, are fuelling the adoption of cloud solutions by enterprises across the full spectrum of businesses of all sizes.

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