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Today’s organizations are highly geared towards efficiency. Keeping these very goals in consideration, the adoption rates of cloud based solutions are constantly on the rise. Citrix is a highly reputed company with a well-diversified portfolio of cloud enabled services and solutions.

With the goal of creating super light and efficient micro applications, Citrix recently introduced its first developer program. The other great feature of this initiative was that utilization of this platform was not reserved only for developers, rather anyone with basic IT knowledge and a flair for creativity could simply sign up.

Aims of this Citrix First Developer Program

The program aims to give users access to Citrix Workspace, a highly versatile and capable platform that streamlines workloads, applications and processes running over the cloud. The Citrix Program is aimed towards achieving two main objectives.

Its first objective is to resolve and streamline integration related bottlenecks. These issues emerge when basic cloud based solutions are supplemented with enterprise grade productivity applications. Developers will be given access to Citrix tools and environment to develop and test their integration oriented solutions.

The other main goal of this initiative is the development of thousands of micro applications. These would be highly efficient solutions aimed at performing small enterprise tasks with the least amount of resources and time. Developers will also be given access to proprietary Citrix tools to develop these apps.

Citrix aims to constantly improve and increase its development tools that are available to the users of Citrix Workspace. To further supplement these efforts, a wide range of sample codes and documentation will also be made available to the users.

The developer’s program by Citrix will not only optimize enterprise workloads, but also greatly improve user experience. With highly targeted and efficient enterprise micro apps, we can expect a major transformation in the way enterprises manage their workloads.

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