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The past few months have been characterized by a lot of change. Enterprises across the globe have been forced to re-invent their operations and processes to cope with the effects of a crippling pandemic of global proportions.

During these tough times, businesses were not only forced to come up with un-foreseen Business Continuity (BC) plans, but were also faced with the urgency to become much more agile and competitive.

While this may seem as a huge undertaking in the first place, there is one technology that has proved its efficacy for this crisis. We are talking about Cloud Computing in general and Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops in particular.

The Cloud has made businesses agile by delivering instant storage and compute on demand, and that too, in real-time basis. The great bit is, you don’t have to re-factor any on-premise hardware when scaling up or down while in the Cloud.

It comes as little surprise that Moderna, a company thrust into fame due to the design of one of the earliest Covid-19 vaccines, operates its Drug Design Studio on the Cloud. This has amplified the company’s ability to test and roll out vaccines in record short times.

The other aspect where the Cloud is delivering is value creation. Again, take the example of the race to design the first Covid-19 vaccine. A company that will be able to accomplish this feat before others will create immense value, both in the short and long term.

However, the true potential of the Cloud will only be realized if there is a major change in the organizational culture as well. Employees need to be given confidence and educated about the benefits which Cloud Computing can bring in their lives as well.

Businesses have started viewing the Cloud as a platform that has the potential to amplify their profitability or the value creation cycle itself. With Cloud security improving with every passing day, more businesses than ever will flock towards the Cloud for value.

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