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One of the leading recruiting platforms globally, LinkedIn has declared Blockchain as the most sought after hard skill for the upcoming year 2020. With the crypto currency fiasco still fresh in the minds of investors and speculators, this development comes somewhat as a surprise.

Hard skills are defined as the core skill set that is generally acquired academically and in a well structured manner. Soft skills on the other hand are the methods or specific routes a professional adopts to get the job done. These are the “flexible” element of someone’s skillset.

To better understand this trend in blockchain, we need to see it in isolation from crypto currencies. Blockchain is in fact the underlying logic or language over which the whole crypto currency bubble was built and marketed across the globe.

Blockchain itself was nothing bad but its use in proliferating and accelerating the crypto fever attached a certain stigma to it. Blockchain is gaining wide traction from leading financial institutions as they find its potential application in securing multi million dollar financial transactions.

The development also comes as a slight wake up call for currently thriving fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud Computing, which were ranked top two prior to the ascent of Blockchain to the top most spot. Industry experts urge professionals who want to pursue blockchain to develop advanced skills in “Solidity”.

Solidity is a widely used object based programming language that is used for documenting smart contracts. The language is used over various blockchain platforms, Ethereum being one of the most notable one. The true impact of blockchain will become more evident once we progress into the year 2020.

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