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Partnership Enables Customers to Leverage Application Performance Monitoring “From The Edge On In”, A Core Enabler For Cloud Computing

BOSTON, MA (USA) — July 12, 2011 — dinCloud, a pioneer of the next-generation data center, and Aternity Inc., the industry’s technology leader in end user experience management solutions for Global 1000 enterprises, announced today that they have partnered to deliver continuous Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring of application performance, usage, and SLA metrics from the perspective of how the end users are actually experiencing IT services in the cloud.

The inclusion of Aternity’s Frontline Performance Intelligence (FPI) Platform in dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) solution enables customers to gain precise, comprehensive metrics describing real end user experience of the IT services users are consuming. For enterprises deploying dinCloud’s services, this collaboration provides in-depth insight into end user application performance and QoS. Aternity’s FPI Platform also enables preemptive problem detection and probable cause analysis by immediately isolating impacted users and their associated virtualized desktops.

“In a world where the Data Center is virtualized and the Cloud is ‘as-a-service,’ the only way to measure End User Service Levels is through how real end users are actually experiencing the business services,” said Trevor Matz, president and CEO of Aternity. “Our collaboration with dinCloud further extends our user-centric proactive IT management architecture and vision to the Cloud.”

”As a cloud services provider, dinCloud has to meet very high expectations from its customers,” said Saad Shahzad, Chief Strategy Officer of dinCloud. “We tested and evaluated several tools and feel Aternity helps us provide exceptional monitoring of our hosted virtual desktop, which assists us in delivering a heavenly experience in the cloud for our clients.”

Solving the Visibility Gap from the Virtual Desktop Vantage Point

The driving need to understand real end user experience from the frontline has grown rapidly with the increasing complexity and highly distributed nature of today’s virtualized IT environments. Cloud Computing, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI),SLA ManagementWeb 2.0 applications, and Meaningful Use programs are just some of the main IT initiatives that have increasingly exposed organizations to the visibility gap and their inability to truly understand end user experience “From the Edge on In.

Widely adopted Application Performance Management (APM) technologies are data-center centric and are therefore limited in their ability to provide comprehensive visibility into how end users actually experience the business applications they consume.  Aternity’s FPI Platform uniquely monitors the three primary components that dynamically interact at all times to define and impact an end user’s experience as an IT consumer: Application Performance, Device Performance, and User Productivity. Frontline Performance Intelligence is the result of the real-time aggregation, analysis and correlation of all these metrics, ultimately closing the visibility gap from the virtual Desktop Vantage Point.

About dinCloud Inc.

dinCloud is a cloud services provider for the next generation data center. Services include hosted virtual desktops, cloud storage, virtual servers, application virtualization, and hosted voice and video. Organizations can transfer capital expenditure and headaches into operational expenses that are fully managed. dinCloud is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. For more information, visit or call 1-310-929-1101.

About Aternity

Aternity redefines real end user experience management by delivering the industry’s first Frontline Performance Intelligence (FPI) Platform, effectively transforming every desktop – physical or virtual – into a self-monitoring platform that is user experience aware. By arming organizations with user-centric, proactive IT management capabilities, the Aternity FPI Platform dramatically reduces business disruption and increases user productivity. With Aternity’s 360 degree view of end user experience, advanced analytics for preemptive problem detection and cause analysis, and right-time decision support capabilities, Global 1000 enterprises finally have the empirical evidence on how application performance and usage impacts business results, providing them with a path for constant improvement.

Aternity was named a Top 10 Most Promising Start-up by Ernst & Young and Globes and a Top 50 Startup by InformationWeek. In addition, the company has received prestigious industry recognition from the American Business Awards, the International Business AwardsThe Boston Business JournalThe Marker and NetworkWorld  Magazine. To further evaluate how Aternity can bring winning performance to your frontline and to find out if you qualify for a free evaluation and proof of concept, visit

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