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The world around us is digitalizing at a mind boggling pace. As more and more enterprise processes go digital, there is an emerging demand for Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered decision systems that can mimic the human decision making processes.

For time sensitive workloads in particular, the need for AI powered systems is even more pressing. According to some of the top technology company leaders across the globe, AI is all set to give a major boost to organizational efficiency.

The AI powered organizations and processes of the future will no longer be looking for human inputs in the decision making process. This in turn will not only shrink the decision making timeline, but also add an element of consistency and accuracy in decisions.

Faster and more accurate decision making process will have a direct positive impact on organizational efficiency. The main reason is that decisions pertaining to mission critical processes will no longer be hampered by human limitations.

This is particularly true when we talk of day to day enterprise decisions, which keep getting delayed for a host of reasons like too much workload or higher priority tasks that ultimately tend to take precedence over routine, yet important business decisions.

One important aspect to note in this regard is that these AI powered decision making systems will largely hinge on the efficacy of the Machine Learning (ML) systems that act as a source of generating the actual decision parameters for AI systems.

The introduction of AI in organizational decision making will result in a much more consistent process of taking business decisions. This consistency not only stabilizes organizational revenues, but also carves a competitive edge for the business.

Lastly, the role of AI in ensuring better cyber security is equally important. AI based security protocols, which are contextually aware, leave almost zero room for exploiting the various gaps in cyber security. A secure infrastructure is otherwise good news for productivity

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