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One has to fight in order to gain freedom and human liberties, and maybe even harder to preserve that freedom. While every citizen plays a certain role in this endeavor, it is our brave and valiant armed forces personnel that bear the brunt of all this. Life is perhaps the most prized possession of any person.

So, laying one’s life for the sacred motherland, and its freedom is no small feat. This is the ultimate sacrifice, one from which there is no coming back. Just imagine the void that these valiant soldiers leave in the lives of their countless loved ones, all for the motherland’s freedom, and that of its inhabitants.

Please join us in remembering and honoring all our fallen soldiers of the US Armed Forces. This can only be possible by displaying the deepest compassion for the loved ones of our fallen soldiers, whether they are parents, a spouse or children. This will not only comfort the bereaved, but also rejuvenate the love for this sacred homeland. It is the ultimate sacrifice of our brave soldiers that acts as a deterrent for both domestic and foreign enemies.

This day also inculcates a sense of duty and patriotism among our younger generations, which will be the soldiers of tomorrow. Let us observe this Memorial Day by paying homage to, and honoring all those brave soldiers of the US Armed Forces that sacrificed their today; for our tomorrow. Our Beloved Soldiers – We Remember You, and Honor Your Ultimate Sacrifice     

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