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Following Huawei in the battle of AI chips Alibaba unveiled a new Artificial Intelligence chip which specializes in machine-learning tasks and will be used to handle their Cloud Computing division.

Within a month after the release of Huawei Ascend 910, Alibaba revealed their AI cloud computing chip-“Hanguang 800”.

With Alibaba’s AI-Dedicated Chip, the tasks that used to be completed in an Hour can be executed in just 5 minutes.

Hanguang 800 Chip is capable of performing the following tasks:

  • Product Search
  • Automatic Translation
  • Personalized Recommendations on Alibaba’s websites

Alibaba CTO, Jeff Zhang stated, “The launch of Hanguang 800 is an important step in our pursuit of next-generation technologies, boosting computing capabilities that will drive both our current and emerging businesses while improving energy-efficiency.”

Yeah! They are beginning to end their reliance on American businesses after what Google did with Huawei.

The e-commerce giant is already using chips in several of its business departments. Company has no plans to sell this chip, instead they’ll be using it for their own Cloud efficiency.

Following the Chinese leads, Tech Giants in USA like Alphabet Inc and Facebook are developing their own chips which will increase the performance of AI tasks dedicated to take care of Company’s Data Centers.


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