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A recent research conducted byAdvanced Business Research Reports” or “ABR Reports” has forecast strong growth for cloud services. The report is very useful as it measures the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on cloud services and cloud providers like dinCloud.

The report found that since the onset of the global pandemic, there has been a significant increase in the demand for cloud services, such as those offered by Cloud Service Provider (CSP) dinCloud.

Due to the pandemic, millions of organizations globally were left with no other option but to seek technology solutions that could support the Work from Home (WFH) needs of their employees. This was an area where cloud services proved to be very useful.

Cloud Service Providers like dinCloud rolled out specialized Work from Home solutions in the form of Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD). These HVDs could be accessed by employees from the safety of their homes, without affecting productivity.

The research by ABR also forecasts a further uptrend in the demand for cloud services across the globe. A major reason behind this trend was that Work from Home was becoming a mainstream feature at majority of the organizations.

Another reason that was attributed to the growth of cloud services was the enhanced and multi layer security being offered by cloud providers like dinCloud. Most organizations found themselves at a clear disadvantage when securing their on-premise assets.

The research report also highlighted the demand supply gap that was constantly widening when it comes to skilled cyber security professionals. As per the research, CSPs on the other hand possessed both the tools and human resources to secure their infrastructures.

ABR Reports research has forecast a strong growth in cloud services at least till the year 2025. Interestingly, the report predicts strong demand for cloud solutions regardless of whether the Covid-19 pandemic subsides or otherwise.

If you are also on the lookout for secure and reliable remote work platforms, you must consider dinCloud’s services for your existing as well as future needs.

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