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Saad Shahzad, Chief Strategy Officer of dinCloud Will Be a Featured Speaker at the Second Annual UP2011 Cloud Computing Conference

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA–(Marketwire – Dec 7, 2011) – dinCloud, a leading cloud services provider of hosted virtual desktops, announced Saad Shahzad, Chief Strategy Officer of dinCloud, will be a featured speaker at UP2011 — the world’s first hybrid format cloud computing conference taking place December 5 – 9, 2011 in Mountain View, CA and online.

Shahzad’s December 7, 3pm session, Conversion to the Cloud: The ROI of Going Virtual, will walk attendees through three different case comparisons to help businesses understand base assumptions connected to a move to the cloud. Is a business best staying within the “Business as Usual” model? Should they look to “Do-it-Yourself” migration to a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)? Is the right answer a Hosted Virtual Desktop solution? These three alternatives will be explored in a way that helps session attendees quantify the benefits of each pathway and to how to determine if going virtual is right for their business.

Session Details:

Title: Conversion to the Cloud: The ROI of Going Virtual

Date: Wednesday, December 7

Time: 3pm EST

“Today’s IT departments are faced with the dilemma of picking solutions with the least cost but the highest level of benefits. As companies begin shifting over to the cloud in the post-PC era, they do so to reap the benefits of scale, higher availability, and lower cost,” said Shahzhad. “We find that businesses want to move to cloud but sometimes want help justifying the move economically.” As a former associate at Goldman Sachs, Shahzad has experience in examining the financial impact IT decisions have on the bottom line. His UP2011 presentation will pull from that experience as well as his current role of indentifying cloud technologies for dinCloud’s solutions.

How to Participate

Delegates wishing to attend can purchase a VIP Hybrid ticket (priced at $499), which also provides full access to the entire UP2011 conference at If you would like to find out more details about the UP2011 conference, please contact Khazret Sapenov – UP2011 Conference Chairman at

About Cloudcor and UP2011

Cloudcor provides industry leaders and professionals cutting edge insights into Cloud Computing through expert conferences, research, analysis and commentary, as well as providing a platform to network with leading experts in the cloud computing industry. UP2011, produced by Cloudcor, Inc is the world’s first and largest hybrid format Cloud Computer Conference now in its second year. For more information visit or contact

About dinCloud

dinCloud is a cloud services provider that offers a full spectrum of cloud based services ranging from hosted virtual desktops to datacenter and infrastructure as a service. The core offering, dinHVD, is a hosted virtual desktop that provides a complete turnkey suite of services for complete PC fleet management. dinCloud provides services tailored to fit a range of business models, giving their clients peace of mind. Organizations can transfer capital expenditure and headaches into operational expenses that are fully managed. dinCloud is headquartered in Los Angeles.

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