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A famous Security company with expertise in the areas of cyber security and data backups, recently conducted a survey on cloud adoption trends. The survey revealed interesting insights about the cloud industry, and adoption trends over the next five years.

The sample size for the survey comprised of over nine hundred IT professionals. Most of the survey respondents belonged to North America and Europe, both of which are quite developed countries when it comes to cloud infrastructures.

The main highlight of the survey was that an overwhelming 93% of the respondents were considering either moving fully to the Cloud, or a hybrid cloud solution, within the next five years. This is a steep timeline for larger enterprises, especially with legacy infrastructures.

A healthy 51% of the respondents, out of the above 93%, were in favor of a full blown cloud adoption, with just one or two workloads staying on-premise. A small ratio of 28% respondents wanted to retain most of their workloads on-premise.

Nearly two-thirds, or 67% of the surveyed IT professionals regarded the hybrid cloud as their ultimate destination. Another 29% of the respondents considered adopting hybrid cloud as a precursor to a full-on cloud adoption, which was also an encouraging sign.

Half of the total respondents cited legacy software and systems as the primary reason behind retaining some workloads on-premise. About 40% of the surveyed enterprises regarded app compatibility issues as a limiting factor in cloud migrations.

An interesting statistic that emerged from this survey was that almost 29% of the respondents considered stringent industry and compliance regulations as a factor that was preventing them from moving to public cloud infrastructures.

Nearly 48% of the respondents declared a lack of expertise, and the non-availability of certified cloud professionals as a factor posing difficulties. Printing and imaging services were found to be the most common roadblock in cloud migration, in terms of workloads.

A majority 52% of the respondents already availing the services of Managed Service Providers (MSP) felt more inclined towards moving to the Cloud. A primary reason was the wealth of expertise and experience MSPs have already gained in Cloud Computing.

The consensus view that emerges from this Security Company survey is that enterprises are really gearing up for cloud adoption over the course of the next five years. This is good news for leading Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud, an ATSG company.

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