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When enterprises embrace cloud technologies, one of the top most objectives is business agility and resilience. Cost savings figure pretty low on the list, if we consider why modern enterprises are rapidly adopting the Cloud.

The true success of these cloud adoptions however, will only be possible if enterprises can successfully develop a robust mechanism for DevOps. This notion was further confirmed by a recent report called 2021 State of DevOps Report.

DevOps is all about combining the two most critical components of any organization that is transitioning to the Cloud. These 2 core elements include the Development as well as the Operations teams of the enterprise.

It is only by combining these 2 elements, and synchronizing them, that enterprises which move to the cloud can truly make a difference. In today’s hybrid and multi cloud environments, the importance of DevOps success rises exponentially.

According to the report, nearly 83% of the surveyed enterprises that made a transition towards the Cloud went for DevOps initiatives. However, an overwhelming 80% of these enterprises fell short of the success this whole DevOps exercise was to bring in.

Here are some key takeaways from the report, which will also point out the exact areas where there is a lack of coordination and connectivity among DevOps teams.

  • 33% of the respondents cited a shortage of skills as a major challenge in DevOps success.
  • Another 29% cited legacy infrastructures, and their inherent complexity as a major challenge.
  • 21% of DevOps initiatives cited resistance to change as a major challenge during the implementation phase.
  • Another 19% of the respondents pointed out towards their lack of automation as a major hurdle in DevOps success.

Even as we speak, not much ground has been lost. In the perspective of DevOps implementation and success, it is vital to improve the communication and coordination level among employees.

Slower progress aside, a well planned and executed DevOps strategy is very vital for the overall success of all such initiatives.

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