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The tenets of diversity, inclusion and freedom are what make America one of the greatest countries on the face of this Earth. 4th of July is all about celebrating these golden values and also passing them on to our future generations.

Each one of us has a unique way to express our love and regard for this sacred homeland. Whether its parades, mouth watering barbecues, family re-unions, virtual events or fireworks, all serve as a means to express American freedom and diversity.

We are emerging even stronger from a devastating pandemic, but this is not the time to let our guards down. We need to celebrate, while also observing the prescribed safety and social distancing guidelines.

This is also a day to remember that there is always a price for freedom. Many brave American soldiers have made invaluable sacrifices to protect and preserve this freedom, both at home and abroad. Let’s also pay homage to all these brave souls.

This year’s Independence Day celebrations should also serve as a means to tone down our differences and focus on moving ahead via harmony, inclusion and mutual respect. Let’s show the world today that we stand united under the American flag.

dinCloud Wishes You Happy Independence Day and a Prosperous Summer!

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