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Globally, Multi-access Edge Computing MEC is predicted to make a huge jump between the years 2022 and 2027. According to a study conducted by Juniper Research, global MEC usage will grow, from US $8.8 billion to an astounding US $22.7 billion, in the next five years.

This overwhelming 260% increase in MEC’s growth can be attributed to the expected surge in the demand for Machine Learning (ML) for on-premise devices and low-latency 5G connections.

Digital content and processing power can be shifted to Edge-based mobile networks, through network architecture of Multi-access Edge Computing. This is done with the purpose of providing the end users, fast processing and reduced latency rates.

The latest 2022-2027 study, Edge Computing: Vertical Analysis, Competitor Leaderboard, and Market Forecasts, makes some fascinating predictions. Over 3.5 million MEC nodes are forecast to be deployed by 2027. Currently there are only 1 million of such nodes deployed.

The most beneficial recipients of these MECs are predicted to be smart cities and autonomous vehicles. Reason being, the data generated via these MEC connections will be processed at these Network Edges. The cost and latency of cellular data travel will be reduced, consequently decreasing the added strain on networks.

The MEC node roll-outs are estimated to grow manifolds, if a strong partnership with agile, up-to-date and technology-driven operators is developed.

Currently in 2022, 390 million mobile users have access to MEC nodes services. However, in 2027, it is predicted to increase to 1.6 billion mobile users.

By 2027, amongst many other MEC services, Mobile Cloud Computing is predicted to be one of their highly valued facilities, for mobile phone users.

The report further predicts that processing power migration to the Cloud will enable users to have an access to nimble processing power and small form-factor devices.  This will be done through MEC nodes.

Furthermore, the geographic proximity of MEC nodes will help deliver far better digital content. Improvements in video caching and computational offload will generate value for the enterprise. This geographic proximity will also greatly improve the quality of video streaming, cloud gaming and immersive reality.

The immediate urban deployment will be increased to widen the reach of MEC rollouts to end users. Enterprises are willing to maximize user value by increasing their MEC rollouts.

The world is witnessing a major inclination of businesses towards data-driven technology.  Effective management, visibility and fast access to this data is enabled by technologies such as Edge Computing and Cloud Computing, which, contrary to common misconception, will complement each other in future.

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