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Enterprises are rapidly digitalizing, and cloud technologies are emerging as the most viable and effective vehicle for speedy digital transformation initiatives. This was the consensus view at the recently conducted IT Symposium / Expo by analyst firm Gartner.

According to the forecast by Gartner, global cloud revenues could touch a staggering US $474 BN in the year 2022. During the recently concluded year 2021, the total size of the global cloud market was estimated at US $408 BN.

The major reason behind this consistent and sustained growth in cloud services is their perfect alignment with digital transformation initiatives. Enterprises are truly realizing the value proposition residing within a “cloud first” approach to digitalization.

Another notable forecast by Gartner was that over the next few years, net cloud revenues might even surpass non-cloud revenues. The research company estimates that by the year 2025, an overwhelming 85% of enterprises will have a cloud first approach in place.

We are gradually moving towards a time when workloads and processes that are not hosted over the Cloud may even be referred to as “legacy”. By the year 2025, it is estimated that 95% of new digital workloads will be deployed over cloud native platforms.

Until the year 2021, this ratio stood at a modest 30%. In a bid to optimize organizational processes and workloads, the use of low as well as no code technologies will rise three folds by the year 2025.

Another major shift in development practices is also just around the corner. Instead of just hardcore developers, enterprise applications will be developed in close coordination with the users that will ultimately be using the solution, down the line.

Gartner estimates that by the year 2025, as much as 70% applications will be developed by organizations that use low or no code technologies. Till the year 2020, this ratio stood at a modest 25%, indicating a major shift in how enterprise apps are now being developed.

The recent numbers released by Gartner indicate that the growth of cloud technologies is likely to remain strong, as enterprises turn to the Cloud for their digitalization needs.

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