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As businesses start gearing up for a whole new year, there are many important lessons learnt over the past two years. The past months have been very disruptive for businesses, as they had to make major changes to their infrastructures and work models.

Research company Forrester gives us a peek into how the year 2022 will play out for businesses across the globe. As per the company, the upcoming year will be one to take bold decisions, in order to stay ahead of the competition and woo customers.

An overwhelming 80% of consumers are now expecting rich digital experiences from enterprises. To achieve this goal, businesses will have to up their digital game, and provide immersive online experiences to shoppers, at every stage of the buying process.

In a bid to cover lost ground, and tap new customers as well as markets, businesses will have to adopt always on digital engagement strategies for their potential customers. This is particularly true when it comes to the business to business (B2B) relationships side.

Accessibility to product and service related information, especially over contactless digital channels will be very important for business growth in 2022. This in turn will form a major chunk of the overall Customer Experience (CX) in the upcoming year.

When providing an immersive CX to consumers over digital channels, businesses will have to strike the perfect balance between accessibility of information and privacy. This will indeed be a risky path to tread, in the wake of ever increasing regulations around data.

Lastly, businesses will be re-discovering where they stand in the whole remote work spectrum. Some businesses may continue full-on remote work, while others might resort to a completely pre-pandemic state of in-office work policies.

During 2022 though, Forrester anticipates that most enterprises are likely to go for a hybrid model for their workforce. The crux of this research by Forrester is that in 2022, businesses will have to lean heavily on digital transformation to create some major impact.

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