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It is but natural to paint an outlook for a year that has just started. More so, this will be yet another defining year for the technology sector in general and Cloud Computing in particular. The world economy will try to claw its way back from a major crisis, Covid-19.

We anticipate that if one was to choose the two defining characteristics of the year 2021 in terms of tech, they would be cloud migrations and remote work. Both these concepts are not new, but they have taken a whole new meaning in the post pandemic recovery.

Initially, thousands of enterprises flocked towards Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud to somehow manage the pandemic. Cloud powered solutions such as Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD) proved instrumental in coping with the effects of this crisis.

By leveraging the cloud, businesses were not only able to maintain critical operations, but were able to pull this off without compromising on security in most cases. We should now witness a further consolidation and adoption of cloud solutions in 2021.

With the pandemic still all over the globe, albeit with varying degrees of intensity, digital transformation has really become a top management level priority. Prior to this crisis, most such proposed investments would fail to grab the attention of the top tier.

As businesses try to consolidate whatever infrastructural changes they have undergone to cope with the pandemic, the Cloud appears to be a top contender for digital transformation initiatives. The prime focus of any such move are both the customers and employees.

Technologies such as the Cloud are enabling employees working from their homes to connect with customers and serve their needs to the best extent possible. Customers on the other hand are happy with this “contactless” new world for obvious safety reasons.

Another defining trend for 2021 will likely be that remote work transforms from a temporary solution to a permanent feature. As we fully recover from this pandemic around the second or third quarter of 2021, the exact contours of remote work will be clearer.

One thing is for sure though, remote work is here to stay for good. With availability of the right technology stack such as the Cloud and a highly motivated workforce, productivity levels under remote work have either remained the same or even improved.

Towards the end of 2021, we will be revisiting our outlook for this year but one thing is for sure though, Cloud Computing will continue to remain in the spotlight.

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