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Thinking about Microsoft Azure? We welcome people to try out the Azure website. When you get there (you might want to use Internet Explorer or the new Edge browser), you’ll be presented with a plethora of options – hmm, a little overwhelmed? You’ll realize that this isn’t made to be particularly easy. After all, if Microsoft licensing is any indication – do they ever make anything easy?

Then you’ll come to find that pricing is by the minute. Charging by the minute, with so many variables, across so many different product types – the choices are mind-numbingly endless. And complex. Just like any other big hairy cloud – this one is meant for those who really want to work in complex environments and have every single level and crank at their disposal. Whether the typical business actually needs all these – we don’t think so.

That’s why we built our cloud services on a much simpler approach. We want to make sure that we offer security, ease of use, and performance. See why people choose dinCloud. And if you feel Azure complexity and per minute billing with data transport fees and bandwidth usage fees is what you want, then our flat-rate pricing model may not be the right fit.

Our philosophy at dinCloud is based on providing a secure environment, making sure it performs well, and ensuring the customer experience is pleasant.

Security is part of the DNA at dinCloud – everything from the lock on the logo to the Tier 3+ data centers we’ve selected for their redundancy and physical security, to the layers of security we wrap around each individual customer’s virtual private data center. While this seems to us to be a core tenant, it doesn’t always seem to be embedded into other solutions. Often you have to add some of the components we already include into our service.

Performance is also an important tenant at dinCloud. From the beginning, we’ve built a cloud-enabled architecture. This means incorporating a software defined data center plan and utilizing components that work well together after rigorous testing and R&D.

And while security and performance are tables takes for us – we spend a lot of time on making it easier to work with dinCloud. We constantly look at the customer experience, to see how we can ensure things are simple and clear. That means not offering bulky menus with hundreds of combinations. And it means answering the phone for customers and walking them through how to migrate to the cloud.

We think you’ll find our cloud a lot more personable and easier to work with than Azure. So we invite you to go look, and we are confident you’ll find dinCloud more flexible and more agile.