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From Athena to Zeus, the Greek gods and goddesses have been a topic of interest throughout the centuries. In our quick-hitting guide, you’ll gain a further understanding on some of the most popular gods and goddesses in Greek mythology.


Zeus was the all-powerful ruler of the Olympian gods, and the god of the skies and earth. He was known for being and upholder of institutions, and a protector of his people, and tried to ensure the goodwill of the community he oversaw. One of the key symbols of Zeus was his flash and lightning bolt, which could roll and wreak havoc, storms, and intense darkness to any god or mortal who encountered it.

Zeus was also referred to as the father of men, and took particular interests in the well-being of mortals. Although he was known as a truthful, fair, and charitable god, Zeus was also known for his severe punishment practices towards gods and mortals alike for their misdeeds.


Athena was the goddess of wisdom, known for her reason, intelligence, and knowledge of arts and literature. As the daughter of Zeus, Athena gained some of his ferocity and courage in battle. Athena was the embodiment of wisdom and reason, and was also referenced as Zeus’s favorite child, being one of the only people allowed to use his thunderbolt. The Greek city of Athens is the plural form of the name Athena, and has come to represent the sisterhood of goddesses that were there.


Poseidon is the brother of Zeus and Hades, and the god of the sea, protector of the ocean, and all aquatic life.  He is often depicted with his trident, his main weapon which was powerful enough to cause earthquakes, and shatter objects.  He was characterized by a strong and disagreeable personality, often having disputes with other gods. Poseidon was a symbol of strength, second in power only to Zeus.

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