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Of all of your company’s assets – data likely carries the most value. Data informs your business decisions, enables sales, and keeps you competitive. But, where you host your assets is almost as important as what you do with them.
Though cloud storage is typically a cost-effective alternative to on premise storage – which cloud provider you choose will have huge implications for your costs.
With pricing largely determined by use, administrators are often challenged when they need to scale since many providers charge new users data transfer fees. We don’t.
We think cloud storage should be as agile as your business. dinCloud users know exactly how much they’ll pay on a monthly basis. No hidden fees. No surprises.

Use the below breakdown to estimate your monthly cloud storage costs. For a custom quote, contact us. And for more on what you’ll get from dinCloud D3 storage, visit our cloud storage page.

Cloud Storage Charges

For more information, and to shop, visit dinManage.